Al & Friends Sunday Breakfast

A 501(c)3 Nonprofit

With love, we serve the Monterey Peninsula Community nutritious hot meals weekly - to anyone who is hungry, no questions asked.


Al & Friends continues the mission to deliver wholesome meals to the community's most vulnerable residents. Since its inception in 2010, Al and the volunteers have not missed a Sunday breakfast. Below, you will find our mission statement, ways to get involved, and where to find us every Sunday around 8:30am, rain or shine, at Window on the Bay, along Del Monte BLVD by the bike path.

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Al & Friends has continued to serve during the Covid-19 pandemic, having transitioned from cooking on the beach to handing out thoughtfully prepared to-go grocery bags loaded with amazing home-cooked foods and other items like fresh socks and other supplies.

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Making New Friends!

Thank you KMBY!

Al & Friends Teams up with KMBY’s “Sunday with Sinatra and Friends!” presented by David Marzetti who broadcasts live from Table 17 at the Old Fisherman’s Grotto on Wharf #1. David will be spinning all the Sinatra and friends’ classics, so come enjoy a brunch-style breakfast with the sounds of Sinatra and friends filling the coastal air. The Al and Friends Sunday Breakfast is served at 8:30am at Window by the Bay which is directly across from McDonald’s on Del Monte Ave. in Monterey.
Hungry? Join us! No questions asked.


every Sunday morning

This is Al & Friends Sunday Breakfast

Al & Friends provides a dignified, nutritiously balanced, sit-down meal every Sunday morning at the beach in Monterey, with no questions asked. These weekly feasts are designed to amaze the guests, but are also aimed to feed and uplift some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Along with the meal, we encourage all members of the community to build bonds with those who may not see a square meal often, may feel forgotten or neglected, or just disconnected.
This started with the vision of our founder, Al Siekert, a retired chef and caterer, who wanted to provide a meal with dignity to our most in need community members. As he sought donors and collected change at the market, he found a way to spread his compassion... a way to succinctly “show & tell” folks about what he does with a genuine and truly inspiring persona, without any pretense or dogma. After over 8 years, seen at the Farmer’s Markets (Pacific Grove and Monterey) weekly, Al & Friends has become a mainstay in the community! Powered by donations from the people of the community as well as local businesses, motivated volunteers, and Al’s sheer determination not to miss a meal, Al & Friends has not missed a Sunday breakfast since even before attaining nonprofit status in 2010! Rain or shine, anyone needing a well-rounded meal should know that they can count on Al & Friends to come through with a welcome and a smile every Sunday morning!


THANK YOU for helping us through Monterey County Gives! It was a huge success in 2021!

Stay tuned for 2022!

This is our biggest fundraising event of the year. 2021 beat our record again from the previous year!

This was our 3rd year. This benefit provides a huge boost annually to our nonprofit. It's a year end pledge drive from Nov.11th to the last day of December, when the total of our donations receive a percentage match on top! Thanks again to all of you generous donors! Contact Justin, if you have questions, or want to get involved.


Mission Statement

Headed by Alvin Siekert, the Mission of Al & Friends is to lift up members of the community who suffer from the most pressing challenges: hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Our organization thrives because we are an effective social service provider, a consistent presence, and a growing local network of dedicated citizens built from within the community that we serve.  By serving thoughtfully planned meals regularly, Al & Friends helps bring dignity to people's lives, nurtures benevolent values within our community, and invites everyone to get involved in doing something that matters.

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Want to help?

Be one of us "friends" and get involved.


Donate funds supporting the Sunday Breakfast

Al & Friends is funded by donations from the community in which they serve

Volunteer your time and skills to help the team

There are a few ways to help us do the work it takes to keep up the good job


Hunger in Monterey County

“Here in Monterey County over 20 percent of the population struggles with hunger” says Melissa Kendrick, executive director of the Food Bank for Monterey County. Skyrocketing rental rates have contributed to the homeless and hunger problem here on the Monterey Peninsula. Many hard-working residents have been completely priced out of this escalating rental market through no fault of their own. With current rental rates at an all time high, many are only a single paycheck away from being displaced. Of those families who do have housing, often they must choose between paying the rent and utilities or buying groceries to feed the family. It makes for a very difficult decision, especially for those with children. This is one of the reasons the Al and Friends is so passionate about serving families with children. The children don’t have a choice.
The fact is this. The hungry are all around us. Many are in plain view. Many are not. These people are food insecure, which means they lack consistent and easy access to safe, nutritionally adequate food. The problem isn’t limited only to the homeless. Many who struggle to find adequate food are working adults and the elderly. The fact is that this displaced portion of society is often overlooked in a rapidly changing and fast paced world. When a disheveled looking person stands in the medium at Fremont and Canyon Del Rey holding a sign that reads “Hungry. Anything will help”, many choose to look away. Al and Friends can’t look away. Many of these people are homeless. All these people are hungry.

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Nathan Binder is awarded the first honorary "Nathan Biner Youth Award!"

Nathan has been coming down every Sunday that he physically could, ready to work, and with a smile. He's such a wonderful, amazing young man who has inspired many of us - young and old. He has earned this award, one that this board of directors will continue to give to astounding youth among Al & Friends every year, and it will bear his name in honor - as the inspiration for such a prestigious endowment.
Thank you Nathan, for all that you do, and your consistent dedication to Al & Friends.

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Al's Philosophy

Al Siekert looked around and was bothered by what he saw. He was witnessing more and more of this every day. An exponential increase of homeless and hungry people at the intersections with a sign that reads “Anything will help’.  Shopping carts heaped high with every possession this displaced person has and homeless men and women asking for spare change at the Quik Stop. “There seems to be more and more people having a hard time just trying to get through the day. Many of these folks probably haven’t had a wholesome healthy meal in days.” That’s when it hit him. He wasn’t sure how to go about it, but he had a vision.  If he could just provide a nutritious meal to help these folks get a leg up for the rest of their week’s sojourn he would be happy with that.   Al  came up with the idea of serving a balanced, nutritious, hot meal every Sunday breakfast on the beach for anyone who is hungry. Al has mantra that says “You don’t have to be homeless to be hungry”. He gathered a couple of friends and started his dream of helping the homeless and the hungry by preparing meals at his home to take to people in need. That only lasted a short period of time as his wife put her foot down and told him that if he was really going through with this, he would need to find a kitchen other than their home.  He scoured his personal contacts as well as his life-long peninsula connections and finally found a home for his new found passion within the kitchen of Tilly Gorts restaurant in New Monterey.

Since then Tilly Gorts has closed down and Al and Friends have moved their loving operation to Chautauqua Hall in Pacific Grove.

 Since the inception of Al’s mission to serve a hot meal on Sunday morning, he and his friends have served over 10,000 nutritious meals and have never missed a Sunday serving since the inception of Al and Friends

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Contact Al & Friends Sunday Breakfast

The Sunday Breakfast is at "Window On the Bay"  717 Del Monte Avenue, Monterey, between the wharf and the grass areas along Del Monte Beach, right along the bike path.

Nonprofit TAX ID: EIN #82-2461103

P.O. Box 1022 Pacific Grove CA 93950

Address to send donations:

301 Cypress Ave. Pacific Grove CA 93950


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