“I have been coming to Al & Friends for years now. Al is a very special person. He serves something different every week and I love the meals that he cooks. He also gives me shower tokens when he can. He is a good man”. -- Janet C.

“I get a good feeling inside when I see that big white truck pulls up. I know there's a tasty meal coming my way and I love that he gives us sandwiches for later. Al is cool.” -- Frank G.

"I’ve known Al a long time. He has always been kind to me. He's kind to everyone. We are lucky to have someone like Al to look forward to every Sunday morning. This food is great." -- Jeff C.

Because my family and I move frequently, we find that the best way to develop a tie to a community is to find a charity and commit ourselves to it. In all of our travels, we have never felt a stronger culture, sense of community and belonging as we did with Al and Friends. My girls shaped their personal outlook on service through their experiences on Delmonte Beach. While we have worked with other organizations since, we have not been able to replicate that feeling. As the commander of an elite special operations unit, I truly know the importance that culture plays on the success or failures of an organization. The culture of Al and Friends is top notch, and it's no surprise that generations of children will attribute their sense of service and community through this amazing organization!" -- Lt Col Shiraz Khan"