Board of Directors

Al Siekert -- Chairman of the Board

Al Siekert is a retired chef and caterer who wanted to provide a meal with dignity to our most in-need community members. Since 2010, Al has been stationed at Grove Market in Pacific Grove, as well as the Pacific Grove Farmers Market, to spread the word and collect donations from the community. Al serves up nutritious meals, rain or shine, every Sunday morning.

Rick Richards - President

Rick found his calling with Al & Friends when he first met Al at Grove Market in Pacific Grove. Al was standing outside with pictures of what he does, feeding those in need, every Sunday. Rick quickly became friends with Al, and has been helping to feed those most in need in our community. Rick plays the guitar and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Greg Phillips - Vice President

Prior to joining Al & Friends, Greg volunteered at the Contra Costa County Food Bank. You will often see Greg running around behind the scenes on Sunday, helping to orchestrate the logistics of the Sunday Breakfasts. Greg is a school teacher, teaching Spanish, graphic and web design, has an Administrative Credential, holds a 100 Ton US Coast Guard Boat Captain's License, and runs scuba diving charters in Monterey.

Justin Tyme Noren - Secretary

Justin Tyme Noren and his family have been living on the Monterey Peninsula since 2009. Justin and Al met the first time when Al knocked on his door and told a quick, inspiring story. Al was very genuine and Justin believed him. As Justin gave Al a donation, Al encouraged him to come to the breakfast to see what it was all about. It was a wonderful gathering of energetic folks cooking up a storm of delicious food for some grateful people. The newly assembled Board of Directors needed a Secretary of the Board and Justin could not refuse the call.

Glenn Reis - Treasurer

Glenn has worked in the securities industry for 40 years. He came to Al & Friends in 2016 as a prep cook. He met Al and asked if he needed any help. Al asked, "Can you chop onions and are you available at 10:30pm on Saturdays?" Glenn answered "yes" to both questions. Glenn runs marathons, has a ferocious labradoodle, and his lived on the Monterey Peninsula since 1975.

Michele Barat - Board Member

Michele is the owner of Foxglove Landscape Design and Maintenance in Pacific Grove, founded in 1980. She has been involved in environmental projects in Pacific Grove and a former Board Member of the Pacific Grove Art Center. She has been serving on the Al & Friends Board of Directors, and has been a proud volunteer since 2012.