Volunteer your time and skills to help the team

There are a few ways to help us do the work it takes to keep up the good job

First, come on down to Window On The Bay, Del Monte Beach, Monterey by 8:15am to see how the magic happens.

There are 4 ways to volunteer:

1. Help final prep/serve the meal Sunday am. (This is the most common, entry-level way to join us.) Just be there.

2. Cleanup time. Around 11:00, after we break bread, and all are fed, (and Al gets a tiny nap,) meet the team back at the kitchen to assist with washing dishes.

3. Prep-cooking with Al! Contact Al to see how you can help him prepare for this weeks feast. He often stays up late in the kitchen making sure the spread will delight the guests, so he can use any help available Saturday evenings.

4. Collecting donations can be fun. Al or one of the team can be found taking donations at the Farmer's Markets in Pacific Grove on Mondays, and at MPC on Fridays. Also, we are at Grove Market in P.G. Most of the day, every Saturday. We usually have 2 hour shifts for each volunteer.