This is Al...Good subject for the first blog, eh?

In case you've not met him yet, or if it's not clear which team member he is from the photos, this is Alvin Siekert. He goes by Al.

This is Al!

If you go to the Farmer's Market, either in Pacific Grove on Monday, or at the Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) on Friday, you're likely to see him. Stop and say hello - you won't be sorry. You may walk away inspired - if not by his story, perhaps a pithy anecdote that he springs on you that marinates further in your mind or reminds you of the important stuff in life. You might even make friends with another supporter as they come by with their weekly donation. It's amazing to see how many local folks are familiar with Al and what he does.

The first time I met him years ago, I was not aware of his fruitful mission until he came knocking on my door. I recognized him from the neighborhood, he walked his dog often. He introduced himself as a neighbor and told me in a poetic nutshell about the frittata he made this weekend for hungry members of the community, and wants to do it every weekend. I found him to be 100% genuine, and made my first donation. I was so glad I did when I saw him at the Farmer's Market accepting donations and he encouraged me to come on down and help and enjoy the meal! Of course, I eventually did, and like Al, I suggest you do too.

So, stop and talk to Al when you see him. He is one of our local treasures.

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